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Hotsnap™ Golf Putting Mat (Incl. Putter & 3 Golf Balls)


Golf Putting Mat

• 3 Metre Putting Mat   
 High Quality Turf
 Ball Return Track 
 Optional Bounce Back Barrier  • Double Hole - Beginner & Pro  
• 1 Easy To Assemble   
X 1 Golf Putter
X 3 Golf Balls
• 1 Year Warranty 
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Practice Makes Perfect

Improve your hole in one stroke on the putting green With the Instant Ball Return 3 Metre Putting Mat.
Ensuring that no time is wasted while you practice, our mat is constructed with an instant ball return track which greatly reduces the time in between each practice shot helping build a consistent swing.
 This really is the best way to improve your skills whilst in the comfort of your own home.

High Quality

Made with a rough and smooth section which both measure 3 metres in length, this putting mat replicates a freshly cut or rough green. Manufactured from ultra-durable rubber which ensures the highest level of stability. The base is also removable, allowing you to easily store the mat after play.   

Beginners & Pros

Made with 2 different sized holes and catering for golfers with a different skill set. The larger 8cm hole will come in handy for beginners training whilst the smaller 6cm hole is aimed towards the more experienced player.
With a rough and smooth section replicating a freshly cut or rough green. These varied surfaces ensure you are ready to face a variety of greens during a competitive round of 18 holes.   

Package Includes:

•  1 x Golf Putting Mat
•  1 x Ball Return System
•  1 xGolf Putter
•  3 x Golf Balls
•  1 xBarrier
  1 x User Manual
  1 x Warranty: 1 Year
•  1 x Free UK Next Day Delivery

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