Hotsnap™ 16GB Dual Mic Dictaphone

Professional Recording
In Style

•  Dual Condensor Microphone
•  16gb Flash Drive
•  AGC Noise Cancellation 
•  512Kbps -- 1536Kbps
• 1.8" Inch Colour Screen
•  Built-In Speaker
•  Password Protection
•  Landline Recording
•  A-B Repeat Playback
•  Auto Save
•  External Microphone
•  Headphones
•  28 Languages 
•  Plus More

Endless Features

Dual Condenser Microphone
High quality dual stereo microphone with 360 degree PCM liner recording for picking up long distance sound from every direction.

16GB Flash Memory Space
Up to 580 hours of recording time with internal memory.
Add Micro SD card of up to 128GB for external memory.

Recording Format

Recording Quality
Default setting - 512Kbps, 768Kbps, 1024Kbps, 1536Kbps

Digital Noise Cancellation
Automatically filters low-frequency noise and reduces background noise, assuring distinct recording clarity even in a loud environment.

Hi-Fi Sound Quality
Natural clear and accurate recording audio without any distortion. 

Colour Screen
1.8” inch TFT full colour display.

Built-in Superior Speaker
For clean and clear audio playback, the built in speaker has volume control.

Built-in 800 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery. 
50 hours of continuous recording when fully charged. 
Up to 30 days on stand by. 
50 minutes for full charge. 

External Microphone
The external clip-on microphone can also be inserted into the external mini-jack plug interface on the device, making it perfect for interviews & meetings etc.

Plug the earphones into the external mini-jack for ultra clear playback of audio so you never miss a detail in a loud environment.

Hotsnap™ 3 Axis Phone Stabilizer

Music Player
Enjoy the Hi-Fi Lossless Music player with TF storage extension. 

Password Protection 
Allowing only those with an authorised password to gain access to the device. 

Line-In Mobile/Landline Recording
The Telephone Recording Junction Box with cable allows you record any incoming and outgoing calls without the need for any technical skills whatsoever.

Line-In Computer Recording
Connect to a PC using the USB Audio interface for live streaming, podcasting, songwriting & voice over work.

Voice Activated Recording  
Enable the VOR voice control to start auto recording when sound is sensed and to auto finish when the sound stops, effectively saving battery life and storage space.

A-B Repeat Playback 
When playing the audio file, select one segment of audio and activate the repeat function, convenient for repeated listening to important content with slow & fast playback feature added.

Clock Timer Function 
Set an exact time for the device to start auto recording without manually pressing record. 
Automatic Save 
Save your work automatically if the device runs out of battery whilst in use. 

28 Languages
Supported with 28 different languages to choose from.

Win2000 / XP/ME/NT/Mac 8.6 or Higher. 

Product specifications

•  Brand Name: HOTSNAP™ Dictaphone
•  Dual Operation: File Storage & Voice Recording
•  16GB Internal Memory
•  Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion 750mAh-3.7V
•  Battery Life: Up To 50 Hours
•  Audio File Format: .WAV, MP3
•  Win2000 / XP/ME/NT/Mac 8.6 or higher
•  1.8TFT Colour Screen - Zinc-Alloy Housing.
• Audio Quality: 32Kbps, 64Kbps, 128Kbps, 192Kbps(Default setting), 512Kbps, 768Kbps, 1024Kbps, 1536Kbps

Package includes

1 x HOTSNAP™ Dual Dictaphone
1 x External Microphone
1 x Earphones
1 x Telephone Recording Junction Box
1 x Telephone Cable
1 x USB Cable
1 x Audio Cable
1 x User Manual

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