Hotsnap™ Smart Neck Massager

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Work From Home Comfortably

• Not just a table, but also a laptop cooler.
• Includes 2 built in vortex fans. 
• Steady, Lightweight & portable ergonomic design.
• It comes with a hand rest mouse pad.
• 360° revolve provides high flexibility.
• Easily adjust the height & angle.
• Enjoy comfort in any position.
• Stand, sit or completely lay down
• Get rid of back pain from bad posture.
• 2 year guarantee.
• Easy returns | 30 day money back.

Dual Fan System

Dual Fan
Keep your laptop temperature cool & safe. Never let it overheat again.

Work Anywhere
Use as a standing desk, full-size sitting desk, on the couch or in bed. 

Ultra Strong Design
Made from aluminium & magnesium alloy, it can hold any laptop safely & firmly.

Mouse Holder
It comes with a hand rest to use your mouse but it also doubles as a drinks holder too.

Steady, Lightweight & Portable
Only weighing 1.2kg, you can take this desk with you wherever you want.

Adjust Height & Angle

The table comes with a lip which runs along the bottom of the table so you can keep you laptop in a fixed position at steep angles.

How To Use?
Simply press and hold the circular buttons on the side joints. Loosen the joint by turning them. Adjust the height and angle and then tighten the screw joint and push the button back in. 

What's Included:

• Brand: Hotsnap™
• Material: Aluminium
• Weight: 1.2kg
• Dimensions: 42cm*26cm 

1 x Hotsnap™ Dual Fan Laptop Table
2 x Built In Fans
1 x Mouse Pad
1 x Manual
1 x 2 Year Warranty
1 x 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 x Free UK Next Day Delivery


✅  Relaxes muscles from fatigue. 
✅  Soothes cervical pain.
✅  Stylish, comfortable, fashionable design.
✅  Use it wherever you go.
✅  Pulsating motion around the neck.
✅  Relieves muscle knots and stiffness.
✅  Low-frequency TENS pulse technology.
✅  Promotes blood circulation.
✅  Heating function. Reduce pain & tension.
✅  3 massage modes.
✅  15 speed & intensity settings.
✅  Control using a smart wireless remote.
✅  2 year warranty.
✅  Easy returns | 30 day money back.

Product Specifications

•  Brand: Hotsnap™ 
•  Material: PC + Silicone
•  Weight: 280g
•  Charge Time: 2 Hours
•  Usage: 15 Minute Intervals 
•  Battery Capacity: 1,600 mAh
•  Standard Input:DC 5 V
•  Maximum Power: 5W

Package Includes

1 xHotsnap™ Neck Massager
1 xRemote Control
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x 2 Year Warranty
1 x 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 x Free UK Next Day Delivery

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