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LA Beauty™ Hollywood Makeup Mirror

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Keep It Fly  

• Continuous Mid Air Floating
• 360° Rotating Magnetic Current
• Silent Operation
• LED Colour Control + Controller
• Digital Weighing Scale
• Sneaker Shield
• 2 Year Warranty
• 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Future

Here at Hotsnap, we believe that your sneakers deserve far better than to be kept in a box.

Through the manipulation of electromagnetic currents, we can literally change the course of physics, allowing your soles to suspend in mid air.... Now That's Fly!

Set The Tone

Immerse your sneakers into an atmosphere of awesome light with 12 different colours to chose from. Control with your very own colour coded remote including 4 modes....
Flash, Strobe, Fade & Smooth. 

Hollywood Mirror

• Touch Screen Control.
 15 Dimmable LED Non Heat Bulbs.
 50,000 + Hours LED Life Span.
 3 Colour Light Modes.
 Adjusted Brightness.
 Maximum Output 5000 Lumens.
• Fully Portable.
• Easy Installation.   
 Phone Charging USB Port. 
• 2M Power Cable.
• 2 Year Warranty.
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Pamper yourself in style with the Luxury LA Beauty Hollywood Mirror. A perfect addition to making yourself look beautiful with ease. Using the latest technology to enable touch screen controlling that will adjust all 15 gorgeous energy efficient LED light bulbs.

Dim the lighting with a simple touch of the screen, and change the colour of the bright LED bulbs from a crisp cool white for flawless make-up application, to a relaxing, warm light for easing into the evening. 
LA Beauty means Luxury....


How Does It Work?

Place the delta magnet in the heel of the shoe. Hold the measure bar below the overhang of the display. Then hold the shoe up to the measure bar and let go....
The electromagnet current will balance your sneaker, suspending the shoe whilst spinning in mid-air.

Rose Gold



Product Specifications

•  Brand: LA Beauty 
•  Power Input110 -220V  
  Material: Aluminium
•  Dimensions:60x 80cm & 46x 58   •  Certification: FDA, CE, ROHS 

Package Includes:

•  1 x  LA Beauty™ Mirror
•  1 x 2M Power Cabl 
•  15 x LED Bulbs
  1 x  User Manual
  1 x  Warranty: 2 Year
•  1 x  Free UK Next Day Delivery

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What's Included?

• 1 x Hotsnap™ Shoe Display
• 1 x LED Colour Controller
• 5 x Counter Weight Balls
• 1 x Delta Magnet
• 1 x Digital Scales
• 1 x Sneaker Shield
• 1 x UK Plug
• 1 x User Manual
• 1 x Warranty: 2 Year
• 1 x Free UK Next Day Delivery

Product Specifications

• Brand: Hotsnap™
• Voltage: 12V
• Material: Acrylic
• Weight: 1.7kg
• Dimensions: 28x 10 x 50cm
• Certification: FDA, CE, ROHS

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